aapToday is the eleventh day of Aam Aadmi Party country convener Arvind Kejriwal’s fast for the inflated power & water bills in Delhi city. As of now the AAP chief lost seven kilograms due to his fast, but his organs are general.

Now the activist-turned-politician has guaranteed to head on although as the turnout at his stage rally.

Therefore the Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit has been pitched by the Aam Admi Party.

As of monday ‘bijli-pani satyagrahis’ numbered to 8.3 lakhs people who have pledged not to remit the inflated bills as claimed by the aam aadmi party.

The delhi polices on Monday barred the AAP volunteers not delivering the lakhs of protestant letter to Sheila Dikshit’s house.

Close to thirty four protesting AAP supporters were detained by delhi police.

The auto-rickshaws carrying volunteers were stopped at Bhairon Marg nr Pragati Maidan along with Arvind Kejriwal’s supporters walking roadside. There were anti-government slogans shouted by people carrying indian national flags.

AAP prominent leaders Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas & Sanjay Singh asked Delhi Police to let 272 representatives from each ward to march towards Dikshit’s house.

Adhering to this delhi cops organized 4 public buses to reach them but unfortunately were let off at Indraprasta metro station.


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