16-arvind-kejriwal-protestThe chief leader Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party AAP is all ready to take the Delhi assembly elections as a contestant which is slated later this year in 2013.

He also announced the selection process of candidates for the poll is on.

Now the AAP will be a competitive party for congress or bjp bharatiya janata party.

The candidate qualification is just 100 supporters then can submit a nomination form on or before 5th may 2013.

In 2 months time after screening application the results of final list will be announced. The selection candidates will be interviewed by the political affairs committee.

Any one of political dynasty or rebal applicant or critical allegations  or bribery or criminal activity as the aap is specific over the candidate’s profile.

The party will also take into account the police record and public opinion about a particular aspirant to assess his/her character.

No person with serious allegations against his/her name will be given tickets, party sources said.

About 875 candidates ploughed in previous delhi assembly election close to ninety one tained.


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