Preview Show One box office collection of pardesi is not counted in general

Bala’s Special Opening Show Spl boxoffice returns which works a crore usually

Opening 1st First Day One 1st Ist Show box-office of paradesi income is aggregated to some 2 crores

Partesi Start Friday Release Day boc collections is the same as opening day returns.

Saturday 2nd Second Day Two b.o.c. earnings generally doubles as more movie goers increase seeing baradesi

Starting Weekend b o c earning is the day perfect to compute any box office rating

Sunday 3rd Third Day Three box offices ratings of tamil flick paratesi computes to five crores is an indication

4th Fourth Day 4 Four Monday all time sales again slightly reduces due to working day

5th Fourth Day paradesi 5 Five Tuesday all-time reportings vary from day by day

6th Sixth Day 6 Paradesi Six Wednesday collection have a chance of evergreen reporting in tamil entertainment field

7th Seventh Day 7 Seven Thurday theatrical sale of paradesi is blockbuster

8th Eighth Day 8 Eight 2nd Week business revenue report may hit the paradesi budget

9th Nineth Day 9 Nine nett records is yet to be calculated

10th Tenth Day 10 Ten gross chart of tamil feature film paradesi will give an alarm of its recovery

11th Eleventh Day 11 Eleven highest chartings is covers fri, sat, sun as well as another fri sat sun collection

12th Twelfth Day 12 Twelve of paradesi will set whether it is a all time rankings in collections

13th Thirteenth Day 13 Thirteen theatrical ranking will update when received

14th Fourteenth Day 14 Fourteen Fortnight b o c rank similary as above

All Time b.o.c. total incomes of paradesi touted to be some 100 crores

Daily Weekly Monthly boc results of paradesi is updated here on the info available from other internet sources and are not actuals

Chennai City Movie Theates box office result is the major collection as it is where the film-goers being from a city get to buy tickets and watch without fail.

Tamil Nadu Release Cinemas compared to box offices worldwide collection of paradesi is almost 70%

Telugu Version In Tollywood Andhra Pradesh State box-office world will have a share for andhra distributor

TN Tamil Kollywood Ver. boxoffice global is from all cities, states, international overseas collection in whole

Paradesi Madurai Town Multiplexes business trends is again a big collection from the town alike chennai

Coimbatore Theater evergreen profits in Paradesi

Salem Distributor gross profit not yet forecasted

Overseas International Foreign Us Uk of paradesi may take its highest 100 crore club

North Delhi Mumbai Halls nett reporting of paradesi may be a life time collection

All Day All Shows box offices distributor share


Box Office Theaters Days in Number Box Office Day Collection
day 1  day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day 7
Aaradhanaa day 8 day 9 day 10 day 11 day 12 day 13 day 14 one
Abirami day 15 day 16 day 17 day 18 day 19 day 20 day 21 two
Ags Royal day 22 day 23 day 24 day 25 day 26 day 27 day 28 three
Albert day 29 day 30 day 31 day 32 day 33 day 34 day 35 four
Aravind day 36 day 37 day 38 day 39 day 40 day 41 day 42 five
Arvind day 43 day 44 day 45 day 46 day 47 day 48 day 49 six
Baby Albert paradesi seven
Bharath eight
Devi nine
Devi Bala ten
Devi Kamala eleven
Devi Karumari twelve
Devi Paradise thirteen
Escape fourteen
Fame National fifteen
Ganapathyram sixteen
Gopi Krishna seventeen
I Dreams eighteen
Inox nineteen
Kamala twenty
Kasi twenty one
Kumaran twenty two
Maharani twenty three
Mayajal twenty four
Meenakshi twenty five
Nadhamuni twenty six
Padmam twenty seven
Prardhana twenty eight
Pvr twenty nine
Rahini thirty
Raj thirty one
Rakki thirty two
Rohini thirty three
Roopam thirty four
Rubini This is the total box office collection of movie pardesi opening march 15, 2013. This ticket sales report is just indication of the seats available in the respective multiplexes theaters mall movie parks cinemas. The calendar box office report listed here is just the predicted sales provided all the show times of the tickets. The amount of money the tamil movie recovered mentioned may vary from the theater to theater ticket price and rates. This is just the sales of pardesi tickets sold in chennai cinemas screens and it is covering worldwide shows of sales of pardesi tickets. The kollywood film pardesi box office reported here are just the volume of sales from the tamil versions and not any other language telugu or tollywood industry.Pardesi is running across the theaters in chennai and here is the list of number of days getting updated every now and then. The movie collection of pardesi ticket sales is not all shows all days across all theaters as it may be from only one noon / matinee / evening / night shows or two shows or three shows or fours shows daily. thirty five
S2 thirty six
Sangam thirty seven
Sathyam thirty eight
Shree Radha thirty nine
Sri forty
Sri Birundha forty one
Sri Ganga forty two
Sri Murugan forty three
Sri Shanmuga forty four
Studio 6 forty five
Symphony forty six
Udhayam forty seven
Varadharaja forty eight
Vettri forty nine
Woodlands fifty

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