goldIn chennai gold & silver market the price of gold as on date today i.e., 26th april 2013 according to the evening live status the 22 karat ornament one gram gold has come down Rupees eighty eight INR / Rs. 88/- thus standing at Rs.2593 and 24k carat gold at 2773.

At the same time one gram silver priced at Rs.49.10 and bar silver at Rs.45855. Gold rates balanced an upward trend for the 5th-straight day by buffering INR 400 to reearn the psychological level of INR 28000 per 10 grams in the country capital Thursday on bold demand from stockists & traders for the wedding times off-take from users amidst a strong world trend.


Gold Price in CHENNAI – Today
Fri, Apr 26th, 2013
City 22 Karat 24 Karat
Fri, Apr 26th, 2013
1g Rs. 2,571
8g Rs. 20,568
10g Rs. 25,710
100g Rs. 2,57,100
1 KG Rs. 25,71,000
1g Rs. 2,749
8g Rs. 21,992
10g Rs. 27,490
100g Rs. 2,74,900
1 KG Rs. 27,49,000


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