aadhaarThe issue of aadhaar card is 2.5 years old but it is 250 percentage in rise availing the card only after it was linked to lpg subsidy in india.

Andhra pradesh is the only state in india to rank high in producing unique identification card numbers numbering 5.86 crores chased by 5.48 crore Maharashtra, 2.36 Madhya Pradesh, 2.25 cr Tamil Nadu and 2.22 Karnataka.

With 8.47 crore aadhaar eligible just 7.6 crore enrolled with 5.86 aadhaar card in physical produced, 4.7 crore dispatched and 1.15 crores in postal delay.

Actually this production of Aadhaar card is delay and should have finished by now. The linking of lpg subsidy made awareness of the card to obtained among the peoples of andhra pradesh.

The following districts of Srikakulam, Chittoor, East Godavari, Hyderabad, Anantapur, Krishna, Guntur, Vizianagaram & Nalgonda is left only 10 percent to be generated.

Around 160000 aadhaar card created daily wth 4196 aadhaar enrolment centers in the state.

The extra enrolment in Hyderabad city is just because of other districts people like it employees make their enrolment here stipulating to the uidai guidelines that any person with residential address can have his aadhar card enrolled anywhere in India.


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